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General objectives

General objectives:


To organise meetings on diseases and production in cattle (buiatrics) in order to report and discuss the results of research work and other practical experiences associated with buiatrics.

To discuss these topics in an international forum and thus promote all aspects of buiatrics in both science and practice.

Even though the emphasis is on buiatrics, small ruminants and other "non-domestic" ruminant species (such as zoo and exotic animal species) are also considered as species of interest to the association.

To provide an organization for qualified individuals who dedicate a significant part of their professional activities to research, educational or clinical aspects of buiatrics to exchange ideas.

To issue, in compliance with the pertinent regulations, occasional or regular publications (circulars, conference proceedings, reminders, periodicals, newsletters) including materials on the topics outlined above.

To promote international research on ruminant animals and to keep veterinary practitioners and all interested agricultural specialists informed about the results reported around the world.