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May 24, 2016

Dear Colleague,

We would like to inform you that the second edition of the WAB Newsletter has now been published on the WAB website.  Please visit the website or click the link below (http://www.buiatrics.com) to find.


  • Invitation of National Representatives to the General Assembly of the WAB
  • Invitation to the 29th World Buiatrics Congress, Dublin, July 3-8, 2016
  • Invitation to National Buiatrics Associations
  • XXVI International Congress of the Hungarian Association for Buiatrics, University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest, Hungary, October 9- 12, 2016
  • Scientific abstracts


The Newsletter may be downloaded for printing and further distribution.


Best regards,


Walter Baumgartner                                                                                                  Otto Szenci

President                                                                                                           General Secretary