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Press Release

XXVIIIth World Buiatrics Congress of the World Association for Buiatrics

Cairns, Australia, July 27 to August 1, 2014


Press notice


A. Attendance

At the invitation of the Australian Association of Cattle Veterinarians Association, the XXVIIIth World Buiatrics Congress (WBC) of the World Association for Buiatrics was held in Cairns, Australia, from July 27 to August 1, 2014. More than 974 delegates from 53 countries participated in the scientific and social programmes: 645 full registered delegates, 169 invited delegates, 72 undergraduate students, and 88 colleagues with daily tickets.

 B. Scientific programme

Thirty five sessions with 58 keynote lectures, 299 oral and 229 poster communications were presented on most topics related with buiatric sciences. Seven workshops, and a full day farm tour with insights into bull testing, ultrasonographic demonstrations and farm management in dairy and beef was organized.

Three congress materials:

1. The Keynote Lectures

2. The Oral Communications and Poster Abstracts Book

3. CD with all of the above

For any further information please contact the Secretariat of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians.

 Australian Cattle Veterinarians

3/2404 Logan Road

Eight Mile Plains


Australia 4113

Email: acv@ava.com.au



C. General Assembly of the World Association for Buiatrics (WAB) 

At the joint meeting of the committee members and national representatives (presidents and secretaries or correspondents) of the WAB the following countries were represented: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New-Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, The Netherlands,  United Kingdom, USA.


During the Committee Meetings and the General Assembly, the following topics were discussed and approved:


 C.1. Statement of Accounts from June 1, 2012 to July 1, 2014 (in Euros)


-) Balance on June 1, 2012:                                                          47503.61
-) Receipts:

  • bank interest:                                                                          156.52            
  • contribution of the 27th WBC, Lisbon:                                 19987.50
  • scholarship by PBA, Portugal:                                              5000.00
  • totals                                                                                  72647.63

-) Expenses:

  • bank cost:                                                                              367.08
  • expenses                                                                           19818.10
  • totals                                                                                  20185.18

-) Balance on July 1, 2014:                                                         52462.45                                               


Auditing Committee Members (Dr. Juan V. González-Martín and Dr. Borut Zemlic) of the WAB have suggested to the General Assembly (GA) to accept the financial report prepared by the General Secretary. The GA has uniformly accepted the financial report.


C.2. Applications from new buiatrics groups and associate member to the WAB

  • Iran Veterinary Association
  • Kosovo Veterinary Medical Association
  • Lithuanian Association of Livestock Practitioners
  • Macedonian Association for Buiatrics
  • Slovak Farm Animal Veterinary Association
  • Veterinary Association Malaysia

have been accepted as affiliated groups to the WAB.


  • Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations


have been accepted as associate members to the WAB.

Affiliated groups are invited to inform the WAB Secretariat about any changes in the names and/or the addresses of their contact members.


C.3. Venue of the XXIXth WBC of the World Association for Buiatrics in 2016

 The XXIXth WBC of the World Association for Buiatrics will be organised in Dublin (Ireland) between July 3 to 8 in 2016. The organising committee has already started to make arrangements for the congress in Dublin. For further information please visit the congress web-site: www.wbc2016.com.              


C.4. Venue of the XXXth WBC of the World Association for Buiatrics in 2018

Four bids were submitted by Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Spain. According to the nomination of the Executive Committee the XXXth WBC of the World Association for Buiatrics will be organised by the Japanese Society of Farm Animal Veterinary Medicine in Sapporo, Japan in 2018.


C.5. Venue of the XXXIth WBC of the World Association for Buiatrics in 2020

The candidatures and candidacy files must be sent to the Executive Committee Members of the World Association for Buiatrics before April 1, 2016.
The candidacy files must contain detailed information on:

  • organising committee, scientific committee, potential major sponsors
  • geographical location
  • local infrastructure including transport for conferences, accommodation and social activities
  • scientific programme (invited and free presentations, satellite symposia, joint meetings, professional visits and other potential proposals)
  • social programme
  • marketing for the promotion of the congress
  • proceedings, CD-rom and simultaneous translation
  • financial budget including the fees to the WAB (please contact the WAB secretariat for more details)
  • any other topic of potential interest for the selection of this venue.

Due to the fact that Japan has been selected to organise the XXXth World Buiatrics Congress in 2018 there will be a preference for a European country to organise the XXXIth World Buiatrics Congress in 2020.

The final decision will be taken by the WAB committee in Dublin (Ireland) in July, 2016.

C.6. New statutes of the WAB

The Executive Committee of the WAB has worked out some changes in the statutes which was accepted by the WAB General Assembly


C.7. New positions of the WAB

The WAB General Assembly has accepted resignation of N. Jessen (Denmark) due to illness.

The WAB General Assembly has accepted to establish three positions which are the followings: president elect, secretary general elect and treasurer.


After the General Assembly the Executive Committee has nominated:

as President Elect:E. Bouchard (Canada)

as General Secretary Elect: A. Gentile (Italy)

as Treasurer: D. Black (UK)


D. Next (XXIXth) WBC of the World Association for Buiatrics

Site: Dublin, Ireland
Date: July 3 to 8, 2016 

For further information please contact the WBC Conference Secretariat:

MCI Dublin,

1 Clarinda Park North,

Dun Laoghaire,

Co. Dublin

Tel: +353 (01) 2802641

Email: wbc2016@mci-group.com

Website: www.wbc2016.com


E. Further information

Any further information may be obtained from the WAB Secretariat, c/o
Dr Otto Szenci
Szent István University
Faculty of Veterinary Science
P.O. Box 2
H-1400 Budapest, Hungary
Tel.:       +36-29-521301
Mobile:  +36-30-9624092
Fax:       +36-29-521383
E-mail: szenci.otto@aotk.szie.hu
Website: www.buiatrics.com