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Dear members of the WAB and buiatricians,

This is our first newsletter since Walter Baumgartner became past president and Ottó Szenci left the position of Secretary and the executive committee. I would like to thank them for the excellent work done during the last 16 years for Walter as President (WBC 2000 Punta del Este, Uruguay) and 14 years for Ottó as secretary (WBC 2002, Hannover, Germany). Their efforts command our respect and they will be valued for increasing our association’s recognition.

Since we met at the last congress in Dublin, the officers have been busy updating the communication procedures with our members and buiatricians around the world. The first result is our new website ( Another obvious result is the actual WAB Newsletter which was initiated by Otto and Walter. The newsletter will be sent by email to our members and affiliated organizations and available on our website. We will also send short email messages to individual buiatricians worldwide. These messages will lead them to our website, newsletters and to our Facebook page, initiated and maintained by Ricardo Spacagna Jordao, from Brazil. The website, newsletter and email messages are developed in collaboration with Mathieu Dobchies (University of Montreal). The officers and the executive committee would like to thank Mathieu and Ricardo for their excellent contribution to our communications.

For the first time at the next WBC in Sapporo, the WAB will introduce the President’s Award. This award will recognize the participation of a young presenter at the biannual Congress. It consists of a prize of 3000 € to be given at the forthcoming congress. We want to encourage young deserving buiatricians to get involved in our biannual congress. This award will be presented in addition to the Gustav Rosenberger memorial fund award (since 1988) and the Well-Being awards (since 2016). You will find more information on the awards presented at the WBC in Sapporo below.

Please go and discover your WAB website and do not hesitate to send your comments or questions. We rely on you for keeping in touch, sharing and updating information. See you in Sapporo! Sayōnara!

Émile Bouchard
Dear WAB members,

I am honored to be the 5th Secretary General of the World Association for Buiatrics, especially when I think of my predecessors: Gustav Rosenberger, Matthaeus Stoeber, Pierre Lekeux, Otto Szenci, all of which have have strongly and effectively contributed to the progress of our association.

As you know, the WAB is constituted by national buiatrics or veterinary associations who have a bona fide structure within their country or region. At the time being, 66 associations are registered in the list of the members, 62 of them being full members (national buiatrics associations) and 4 associate members (multi-national associations or federations).

During this first year of commitment as secretary, I have been trying to update the information related to the members. It is not easy because the presidents and the secretaries do periodically change, and often this kind of information is not forwarded to the WAB’s secretary. According to the Statutes, “Full Members will appoint one to three representatives or correspondents whose responsibility will be to liaise with the WAB Secretary General, reporting on their national activities and relevant events and to be the national contacts for the Secretary General”.

Therefore, I invite you to inform me each time your associations does change the composition of its board. This also includes new email addresses, the primary way we keep in touch with you. Moreover, according to our Statutes, “National Buiatrics associations should keep the WAB Secretary informed about the activities and other relevant events in their associations in order to enable the WAB Secretariat to maintain an up-to-date flow of information to all WAB members”.

Arcangelo Gentile

We modified our statutes in Cairns, Australia (2014). This lead to renewed nominations for our officers and executive committee members (EXCO). We have 6 new members on the EXCO: Bo Han (China), Peter Heimberg (Germany), Octavio Campuzano (Mexico), Norm Williamson (New Zealand), Przemyslaw Sobiech (Poland) and Juan V. Gonzales-Martin (Spain). We plan to renew some EXCO members in Madrid in 2020. Acting as vice-presidents are Luis Poo (Chile) and Motoshi Tajima (Japan). The other members of the EXCO are: Ricardo Spacagna Jordao (Brazil), Francois Schelcher (France), Said Alali (Morocco) and Gatz Riddell (USA).

You are welcome to contact any of us directly by using the addresses on our website. We also have direct e-mail addresses for the President (Emile Bouchard), the Secretary (Arcangelo Gentile) and the Treasurer (David Black)

After the first new-EXCO meeting that was held in Dublin on July 6th, 2016, the officers of the EXCO (President, Past president, Secretary General and Treasurer) met once more in Pamplona (July 29th, 2017) and twice more by the way of a Skype meeting (August 11th, 2017 and October 16th, 2017). Among the different issues that were discussed, particular attention was devoted to the prizes that will be awarded at the congress, and precisely the Ruminant Well Being Award and the President’s Award. The latter is a complete new award and we are very proud of it (more details below in the newsletter).

Another very important issue that was discussed during the EXCO meetings was how to improve the communication on favor of our members and those that might be interested in the activities of the WAB. The discussion led to communication guidelines. Among the activities of the EXCO members, we would like to remind the activities of our President that attended the following meetings:
  • the 23rd International ANEMBE Congress in Pamplona, Spain (June 29-30, 2017). Officers’ meeting,
  • the 41st Congress of the Mexican Association for Buiatrics in Acapulco (August 3-5, 2017),
  • the 33rd World Veterinary Congress in South Korea (August 27-31, 2017),
  • the European Buiatrics Forum in Bilbao, Spain (October 3-5, 2017)
  • the 18th Congress of the Latino American Association for Buiatrics (November 1-3, 2017).
During these congresses the President could emphasize the role of the WAB in the promotion of the knowledges on cattle medicine and production within the international veterinary community.
The WAB will present the President’s award for the first time in Sapporo. It consists of a prize of 3000 €. The award will recognize the participation of a young presenter (oral or poster) at the biannual Congress. The criteria are:
  • The candidate must register for the award when submitting his or her presentation to the congress.
  • Applicants must be 35 years of age or younger and must agree to attend the next WAB conference.
  • A selection committee composed of the WAB President and designated members of the Executive Committee will select a recipient at the end of the conference.
  • The awardee will be notified at the end of the congress and will receive his/her prize at the next convention.
The Ruminant Well-being Awards (10 000 € each) will be granted at the next World Buiatrics Congress to be held in Sapporo, Japan (Aug. 28 - Sept. 1 2018). This time, two different awards will be offered:
  • Ruminant Well-Being Research Award: offered to a recent Ph.D. graduate in veterinary (animal) science.
  • Ruminant Well-Being Achievement Award: offered to a practicing veterinarian or a researcher in veterinary (animal) science.
These awards are aimed at raising public awareness on the important role veterinarians play in overseeing and improving ruminant well-being.
The Well-Being Awards are sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund (GRMF) is a tribute to Dr Gustav Rosenberger. The GRMF provides grants on a yearly base to young and promising veterinarians who:
  • Further develop bovine medicine in general
  • Come from a country where bovine medicine needs further development, and intend to apply the knowledge obtained in that country
  • Work in a specific discipline within bovine medicine that needs further development
The GRMF is currently sponsored by MSD Animal Health.

Plan your presence at the next Congress in Sapporo, Japan, from August 28th to September 1st, 2018! Motoshi Tajima, President of the Organizing Committee is working hard with his team to make this congress a success. As you know this will be our first congress in Asia. It is an excellent occasion to learn new information on bovine diseases and cattle production, and to discover this part of the world. Hokkaido island has a lot to offer.
After Sapporo, the next WBC will be in Madrid, Spain. We will give you more information after Sapporo!
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