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I am sad to report that Dr. Matthäus Stöber passed away last February; he was honorary secretary of the WAB and a great veterinarian. Peter Heimberg of the Executive committee (EXCO) was able to represent the WAB at the funeral. I also sent a condolence letter to Hannelore Stöber, his wife.

We are eagerly approaching our next World congress in Sapporo next August. The program is taking shape and I invite you to plan your trip in Japan. Motoshi Tajima, the president of the Organizing Committee and EXCO member is working relentlessly towards delivering the very first WAB congress in Asia. We wish him good luck. I encourage all of you to attend and to convince your colleagues to be present in Sapporo (

Following the announcement of the bidding process for WBC in 2020, we have received three nominations:

  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Montreal, Canada

The Executive Committee (EXCO) will make its final choice and announce it in Sapporo.

We were given the opportunity by Dr. Kevin O'Farrel and the organisers of WBC2016 to collect videos of the oral presentations in Dublin in 2016. I’m happy to announce that we have found a way to make this material available on the web at a minimal cost to WAB. You will be glad to learn that we are in the process of uploading and indexing the presentations to make them freely available on the internet. This summer, we will also work further on our website to help improve our communications.

Finally, I will be attending the 34th World Veterinary congress in Barcelona, Spain in early May ( and the ANEMBE annual congress in Vigo, Spain in June ( If I don’t see you there, I will see you in Sapporo!

Émile Bouchard
Dear WAB members,

The next World Buiatrics Congress is rapidly approaching and I hope that many of you will be participating in the most important event for buiatricians. The participation of the national representatives is also a key factor in the success of the Congress and therefore the Executive Committee of the WAB is hoping that all the national associations will be represented at the Congress as well as during the Annual General Assembly that will be held during the congress. More details on the Assembly, along with the official invitation, will be sent to you shortly.

In respect of the Executive Committee, you should have already received my email informing you that a position on the Executive Committee is open to replace our Past President, Walter Baumgartner. The new member of the Executive Committee will be nominated during the General Assembly in Sapporo. Therefore, if interested, the national buiatrics associations that are members of the WAB should submit their candidacy to the Executive Committee. The deadline for the application has been extended to May 14, 2018. For details, please contact the Chair of the Membership and Nomination Committee (MNC), Ricardo Jordão from Brazil - Email address:

It is the intention of the EXCO to recruit new national associations as members of the WAB. As well as increasing the representation and the “political weight” of our association, it will increase our impact in spreading knowledge and improving veterinary services in ruminant medicine around the world. Therefore, if you are in contact or are aware of the existence of national buiatrics associations that don’t yet belong to WAB, please let me know. You may find the current list of the WAB membership on our website.

Arcangelo Gentile
WBC SAPPORO 2018. The 30th World Buiatrics Congress in Sapporo, Japan from August 28 to September 1, 2018. The organizing committee is working hard to prepare for all of us a wonderful and scientifically valuable congress.

WVAC World Veterinary Congress 2018. Barcelona, Spain. May 5-8, 2018.

Journées SNGTV. Nantes, France. May 16-18, 2018. 

XVIII Middle European Buiatrics Congress. Budapest, Hungary. May 30 to June 2, 2018. 

ANEMBE XXIII Congress. Vigo, Spain, June 6-8, 2018.

AABP conference. Phoenix, Arizona USA. September 13-15, 2018.

5th National Herd Health & Management Congress. Antalya, Turkey. October 14-17, 2018.

50th Jubilee of the Italian Association. October, 10-13, in Bologna, Italy.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the organizers!

Also, if you organize a local event, please let us know about it by writing to our Secretary General:

Portuguese Buiatrics Association
The Portuguese Buiatrics Association has a new board. The new President is Dr. Miguel Quaresma.

Brazilian Buiatrics Association
The Brazilian Buiatrics Association has a new President: Dr. Carlos Bondan. Júlio Lisbôa has become Vice-President.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners

    • 2018 AABP Annual Conference: the 2018 51st AABP Annual Conference will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, Sept. 13-15. The 2018 theme is “Become Indispensable” and sessions will focus on how beef and dairy cattle veterinarians can enhance their skills to remain and become indispensable to their clients. An exciting trade show with the latest in products and services will be a must-see in the Phoenix Convention Center.
    • Recent Veterinary Graduate Conference: in February of 2018, AABP held its first Recent Veterinary Graduate Conference in St. Louis, Mo., for veterinarians who have graduated since 2017. This conference will be held Feb. 7-9, 2019, in Columbus, Ohio, and is currently being planned.
    • AABP Resources: AABP has also produced a guideline on antimicrobial stewardship and an AABP position statement on raised without antibiotics programs that can be found online.

Italian Association for Buiatrics
The Italian Association for Buiatrics will be celebrating the 50th Jubilee next October, 10th-13th, in Bologna, Italy. The golden jubilee congress will also host the Annual General Meeting of the ECBHM (European College of Bovine Health Management) and the conference of the FeMeSPRum (Mediterranean Federation for health and production of ruminants).

Hungarian Association for Buiatrics
The Hungarian Association for Buiatrics is going to organize the XVIII Middle European Buiatrics Congress, which will be held in Eger (Hungary) from May 30 to June 2, 2018.

Ecuadorian Buiatrics Association
On April 30, 2018, the Ecuadorian Buiatrics Association has obtained an official legal status and finally inaugurated a training center dedicated to the outstanding colleague Dr. Antonio Vasco Campana.

National Association of Spanish Specialists in Bovine Medicine
Spain’s National Association of Bovine Specialists (ANEMBE) will celebrate the XXIII Congress in Vigo (Pontevedra -Spain) on June 6, 7 and 8, 2018. Over 20 specialists from Spain and abroad from all fields of buiatrics will bring their competent contributions. 700 buiatrics veterinarians usually attend ANEMBE’s meetings. More information on

There are various awards available that are associated with the World Association for Buiatrics for which applications and/or nominations are welcome.

WAB President’s award
Deadline for submission is August 10, 2018

The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund
Deadline for submission is May 1st, 2018.

The Ruminant Well-being Achievement Award
Deadline for submission was February 28, 2018.

More information on the awards.
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