WAB President’s Award

The WAB will present an award (3000 €) to recognize the participation of a young (oral or poster) presenter at the biannual Congress.

The criteria are as follow:

  1. Applicants must be 35 years of age or younger and must agree to attend the next WAB conference.
  2. A selection committee composed of the WAB President and designated members of the Executive Committee will select a recipient at the end of the conference.
  3. The awardee will be notified at the end of the congress and will receive his/her prize at the next convention.
  4. The WBC Committee will contact the Nominees for the WAB President’s award a few months before the WBC 2018 Congress is held.

For more information about the President’s Award, contact the Secretary General.

Deadline for submission was August 10, 2018. No more entries will be accepted this year.

BVDzero Scholarship Programme

Boehringer Ingelheim grants a BVDzero scholarship of 1,000 euros to each selected 10 students worldwide. The company aims to increase bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) awareness among veterinary students. This initiative is implemented in collaboration with the World Association for Buiatrics.

Through the BVDzero Scholarship Programme, Boehringer Ingelheim aims to create awareness of BVD in veterinary students. In addition, the company believes that such initiatives will help increase BVD awareness in general and, as a result, help reduce its prevalence.

Scholarship criteria

As part of this programme, the BVDzero Committee, in collaboration with a representative of the World Association for Buiatrics, will identify outstanding veterinary students from around the world who can help address the ever-changing industry and the health, food, and welfare needs of the veterinary community.

The award

There will be 10 student scholarships of 1,000 euro awarded to each student.

Each scholarship winner will also receive an entry ticket (registration) to and accommodation at the upcoming World Buiatrics Congress in 2020.

2019 scholarship recipients

  • Allison Hale, US
  • Amy Birch, Australia
  • Bruna Mendes, Brazil
  • Eugenia Ishaku, Nigeria
  • Jessie Hesseling, The Netherlands
  • Jia Cheng, China
  • Lovina Ikwe, Nigeria
  • Mariel Burquez, Mexico
  • Samuel Kalis, US
  • Savannah Basham, US
  • Tahia Logna, Bangladesh
  • William Philips, UK

The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund

The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund provides an annual grant to a young and promising veterinarian, preferably from a country or area with suboptimal possibilities and is sponsored by MSD Animal Health.

The next grant of €10.000 will be presented during the European Bovine Congress at Den Bosch, the Netherlands (Sept 11-13th, 2019).

The submission form can be filled online.

Deadline for submission is May 30th, 2019.

The Ruminant Well-being Achievement Award

This award will be offered to a practising veterinarian or a researcher in veterinary science, animal science or related disciplines to recognise his/her achievements in advancing the well-being of ruminants. It aims at rewarding an individual that made a contribution to the well-being of food-producing ruminants by:

  • Improving our understanding of pain expression as well as the recognition of pain and other forms of suffering.
  • Developing scientific methods of measuring animal well-being.
  • Developing practical well-being assessment methods.
  • Developing practical strategies to improve animal well-being.
  • Raising awareness of issues of concern and engage different stakeholders in seeking solutions to challenges.
  • Changing human attitudes and behaviour to ensure proper stewardship.
  • Communicate information about, and propose solutions to animal well-being challenges with courage and integrity.

Each Award will be comprised of a €10,000 cash award, plus reimbursement of travel expenses of the recipient to the World Buiatrics Conference, where the Award Ceremony will be held. The award is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Deadline for submission was February 28th, 2018. No more entries will be accepted this year.